This LumaOptics 1000BASE-PX20 GEPON ONU SFF 2X10 Bi-Directional Transceiver with single SC/PC pigtail is the high performance module for single fiber communications by using 1310nm 1.25Gbps burst mode transmitter and 1490nm 1.25Gbps continuous receiver. It is Optical Network Unit (ONU) for IEEE Std 802.3ah? -2004. The optical transceiver is compliant with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Small Form Factor (SFF) 2x10 footprint. The transmitter section uses a 1310nm FP laser diode with automatic power control (APC) function and temperature compensation circuitry to ensure stable extinction ratio over all operating temperature range, and full IEC825 and CDRH class 1 eye safety. The receiver has a hermetically packaged PIN-TIA (trans-impedance amplifier) pre-amplifier and a limiting amplifier with CML compatible differential outputs.


  • Reach: 20KM
  • Data Rate: 1.25G/1.25G
  • Temperature: 0 ~ 70
  • Wavelength/Light Source: Tx1310/Rx1490
  • TX Power: 0 ~ 4 dBm
  • Media Type: SMF
  • RX Sens.: <-27 dBm